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The Frog Pond - Graham Harris BEFORE
The Frog Pond - Graham Harris - MkIb
The Frog Pond - Graham Harris - Mk1b
The Frog Pond - "Two Blues"
The Frog Pond's Bugeye
The Frog Pond - "Frog Spawn"


Mike’s passion keeps ‘Spridgets’ moving


Do you need parts or repairs for your Austin-Healey Sprite or MG Midget sports cars? In a hurry?

“The Frog Pond” is a classic motor vehicle Parts and Repairs business providing services to the owners of Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget sports cars.


Based at the period-style surroundings at the well-stocked garage of Sprite and MG enthusiast, Michael Ovens, the business provides a competitively priced service to valued clients.

In this market it is all about dealing with people’s passions! If getting from Point A to (a very nearby) Point B was the criteria any number of cheap overseas hatches could do the job!! But “The Frog Pond” caters for the “babies” of these motoring fanatics where all care AND responsibility is taken! Their babies are precious.

Our clients these days tend to be at least middle aged with several “sensible” cars in their fleet, rather than the brash young sports car driver of yesteryear - or perhaps they are that brash young driver re-living his/her dreams!

While many popular classic sports cars are well catered for when it comes to quality servicing, repairs and parts, no other business caters specifically for the Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget marques (collectively known as “Spridgets”) in the area.


Mike Ovens acquired his first Austin-Healey Sprite (Champion Red Mark III) in 1970. And coming as a ten quid Pommie migrant family of DIY repairers and on a limited bank officer’s income, he carried out all major maintenance and repairs on this and subsequent Sprites and Midgets.


It became not just a job he enjoyed, but a lifestyle and all-consuming passion.

He regularly assisted at the workshop of Carl Stecher’s “Sports Car Services” where he gained invaluable experience and supplemented this knowledge with TAFE qualifications in oxy and arc welding skills.

Owing in part to Carl’s untimely death some ten plus years ago it was only natural that “Spridget” owners turned to Mike, who founded the Sprite Car Club of Queensland in 1973,  for advice with regard to alternative repairers.

And why, you might ask, is the business called “The Frog Pond?” The answer is simple: "Frog" as in "Frogeye" of course (more commonly "Bugeye" here in Oz), and "Pond" as in our pool of knowledge.


The Frog Pond” offers reliable and competitive services specifically for Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets.

We also stock emergency, weekend spares and many quality, competitively priced parts are available on our friendly website, for Spridgets and many other British makes.



Check out some of the photos of the award winning restorations we have been involved with in recent years.




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